Burgulars are SO nice nowadays… Well, this one was!

Apparently there is a  new type of burglar in the world these days. Ones that come in and clean your house and cook you dinner!

 Keith Davis was arrested when the woman of the house and her son came home on Monday, February 6th. His crime? He made himself at home, in HER house. He had folded the laundry, swept the floors and cooked dinner. Good grief, if he wanted to do these things for her, he should have TOLD her. Hell, if I came home and found someone in my house, my chores done and dinner cooked, I’d think I was in the wrong house! Maybe more burglars should take this to heart and start following in his footsteps. Never know, you might actually get a JOB out of it instead of a prison sentence.

Oh, and Keith…. my windows always open 😉


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