Kids and pornography

So, today I’m talking to my brother and best friend on Skype when my husband calls me from th livingroom. He’s on my 12 year olds computer, looking at something and has highlighted an item. When I get there, he tells me to look at the highlighted item. There, on my baby’s screen, is a link to naked girls! He says “should I?” as he hovers the pointer over the link. I, hesitatingly, say yes. OH MY GOD! There is, not only naked but attached to some kind of BDSM equipment, a woman.

Needless to say, we were speechless. We have things like Net nanny, Windows parental controls set to STRICT limits, all the “safeguards” there could be on his computer. How did this get on his computer!?!? I’m beside myself with concern. He just got home from band practice and is in his school lesson online so I have a few minutes more to think of the way to approach this. He won’t be grounded or spanked, the computer won’t be taken from him, this we already discussed. His father and I will be sitting with him after his class and discussing the inappropriateness of what we saw. He’s old enough to learn that women are NOT sex objects and should be respected. I don’t want to scar him or turn his natural curiosity off but I think the proper ways of things will be discussed. Wish us luck, I think we’ll need it.


Has anyone dealt with this that can give some advice?


3 thoughts on “Kids and pornography

  1. I would think that it’s possible he hacked your web settings. Also in the search for free pron you can click on a lot of sites that cause pop ups and other things. It’s possible he clicked and closed it, or he just saw something weird. I wouldn’t assume outright he’s a sexual deviant which it sounds like you have not. It’s all natural stuff. Course when Dad and I were boys we’d be lucky to see Porky’s or find a magazine. The internet has changed much. Please update on how the talk went. I’d love to hear.


    • It went well. We spoke to him about the picture and he said it was a link from an email he opened. He seemed genuinly concerned as well, even going so far as to ask if that type of thing was “normal sex”. Suffice to say, it’s not a conversation we enjoyed but he now knows about spam, viruses, unsolicited porn, spam mail and sex. I think it was a very educational talk and, even though it was a tad uncomfortable, it needed to be done.


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