Disabled with Children (A Rant)

I am a 43 year old, married mom of three young men. I cannot work because of health issues. My husband is legally blind and is my caregiver. We are on disability yet cannot get food stamps or any other aid because we make too much money.  o_0

I have a myrad of illnesses but none of which are as debilitating as Fibromyalgia. My doctor says that if I eat better/healthier I’ll lose weight and possibly get better. Problem is, I cannot afford dental care. I have 13 teeth, 11 of which are crumbling from my mouth. I cannot eat solid foods. Getting them taken out and getting dentures would be ideal but, I cannot afford the 1600 COPAY for them to remove my teeth. Forget about affording 2K for dentures! I walk around, daily, with open wounds in my mouth because of finances. Any wonder I’m always sick?

My boys are 9, 12 and 27. My oldest is married with issues of his own. My preteen goes to school, suffers from depression and allergic asthma but plays the trumpet like a pro. My youngest is homeschooled due to health issues and possibly hidden mental issues as well. Still testing to find out.

 To look at myself and my youngest, you’d not know we were both disabled. Hidden disabilities are the worst because everyone looks at you and sees healthy and wonders if you’re just lazy because you won’t work. My kids don’t have good health insurance. They have CHP+ for which I’m thankful. It covers ER visits and doctors as well but NOT teeth.

My husband needs a corneal transplant. Has for three years now but because Medicare won’t cover it, he is blind and cannot work at his chosen profession. He was a computer tech. Noone will hire a 51 year old blind guy. Especially one with health issues.

We are a “normal” family. We have hopes and dreams, fears and joys. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Why are we having to struggle to survive in the greatest country in the known world? Why is it that our government feels it acceptable to send our money overseas and aid those there?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping people in need but, if your family is sick and dying, would you send the money they need for their own lifesaving medical care to your neighbor? Would you give it to the mailman, in hopes that someone, somewhere, will get it and actually use it for their children or their health? No, a SANE and INTELLIGENT person would take care of business at home before helping anyone else. So WHY are our people suffering and dying here because they cannot PAY for healthcare???


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