Doctors Appointment today

So, i had to go in for a med checkup and find out just what the HELL is wrong with my neck. Turns out I have a pinched nerve so he gave me Flexeril and refilled my Dialudid. I’ve managed to lose 12 more pounds, making my total for the past 6 months 48 pounds! Yay me! Just wish it wasn’t because I can’t eat.

I’ve had migraines again recenty so he prescribed me some Maxalt. He knows I get migraines but said he thinks this headache of 5 days was a combination of pinched nerve and the fact that I was out of my Dilaudid for a week. I’ve stopped the potassium and he’s taken me off the Metformin because my last A1C was 4.2 WOOT!! He said he wants to wean me off the Cymbalta because I’ve been on it for like 10 years so he thinks it’s stopped working. I am off the Welbutrin. I ran out a month ago and had to go cold turkey. 

Think that’s all for now now. See ya later bye!


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