A Battle of Wills

Beyond frustrating. That’s what this family has become since our eldest has become a teen. He’s disrespectful to Mike no matter what we do. He’s at the stage of telling Mike that he doesn’t have to listen to him because he’s not his father. I was wondering when that would happen. Even though Mike’s the only father he’s ever known, he knows he’s not his real father. He even went so far, today, as to tell him that he didn’t really love him because he never adopted him like he promised him he would. I could see the slap in the face Mike felt.

Mike complains about EVERYTHING Sean does. The dishes aren’t loaded properly, the counters aren’t clean enough, his rooms filthy even after he’s cleaned it. I try telling Mike to back off a little but he’s always been a perfectionist. No, not true, he used to be anal about the house. Mike tells me he feels like a failure with Sean. Nothing Mike does is good enough. *sigh* Why can’t they just sit down together and TALK??

 It tears at my heart to see them struggling so much. They can’t see that this is just a phase and that if they just LISTEN to each other, this too shall pass.Sean tries to please Mike, he really does, but after years of being told he’s not doing anything right, Sean is rebelling. Just like I TOLD Mike he would. Sean wants freedom but not responsibility. He’s 12 and has no freedom, so he says. I listen to them and hear my voice 30 years ago with my mother. I TRY telling Mike it’s just a phase but he’s not listening. I don’t know what to do with either of them. I swear, sometimes I just want to lock them in a room till they TALK!


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