Things that urk me

My 5 are as follows

5. The word irregardless

My husband uses that word DAILY and it literally makes my skin crawl. I have told him every time he uses it that it’s REGARDLESS. Just typing that word makes me want to throw the laptop UGH. It’s been TEN YEARS. Get it already!!

4. Video games

Why the HELL does every single Xbox game that is slotted for preteens and teens have to be violent?!?! My boys got their first Xbox this year. They are 9 and 12. All they want are war games, killing and violence. WHY?!?!

3. People that insist there’s nothing wrong with me.

I have a multitude of syndromes and diagnoses. NONE of them are visible unless I’m on my oxygen or using my cane. My mother in law, who’s seen me five times since I married her son, tells my hubby that he should leave me because I’m “lazy and using him for his money” WTF?? We’re BOTH on disability so where the heck is the money??? 

 It was MY 40K back pay he used to pay YOU back for the loan you gave him BEFORE we got married and I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN MY DENTAL WORK DONE BITCH!  UGH!

2 Politics

Does anyone but me wonder where these morons that are running for office come from? On that note, WHO THE HELL IS VOTING FOR THEM?!?!?!

1. Public schools

I have nothing against the teachers or staff. It’s the concept of shoving kids into age groups and expecting someone else to raise and educate your precious little, spoiled, murderous ingrate while you work three jobs and are never around so you can afford to buy them crap they don’t need (Like that Iphone for your 6-year-old?!?!). What is wrong with this country? We demand people accept little Johnny as they are but refuse to discipline him to behave himself like a proper gentleman. We give them items when we should be giving them love and guidance.

Is it any wonder our kids are killing each other when all they do after school is sit in front of the Xbox killing?? REALLY?


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