Explaining Disappointment and Grief

After writing my post this morning, my 9-year-old asked me why I was crying. I found it hard to explain my tears. After a moment, through more tears, I offered the following.


There is a part of every loving mommy that feels pain and sadness when one of their babies hearts hurt. When Chris and his wifes baby died before it was born, it made his heart hurt really bad and since he’s my son, my heart hurts too. Not only because his hurt but because my  first grand baby died before I got to hold it. I’m really sad about that and that I can’t take their pain and sadness away. 

By this time, he’s in tears and curls into my arms saying “Don’t worry mommy, I’ll give you all the grandbabies you could ever want”


2 thoughts on “Explaining Disappointment and Grief

    • TY Casey, it was unbelievably hard to discuss that with him. It’s a pain I never spoke about to anyone before and I just spoke from my heart. I’m blessed that I have such caring and loving children.


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