Exhausted beyond belief

   For the past week I’ve been mind numbingly tired and sleeping a lot. Yesterday my doctor called to tell me that my iron is down to 28. It’s no wonder I’m so tired! So, it’s back on the iron pills again. UGH I hate those things.

Along with the tiredness comes the pain, of course.I had a migraine last night and am still feeling it this morning. The one good thing about me having this pain is my service dog Velcro. Little monster won’t leave my side except to go potty. My son took this picture yesterday while I was working on my laptop.

Too tired to even brush my hair!

Keeping watch while mom works


One thought on “Exhausted beyond belief

  1. Ahh that’s soooo cute :). Hope you are feeling better sissy and I love the background for your blog :). It’s beautiful :). I just woke up though :).


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