ugh what a night!

Had a bad bout of insomnia so I was up with Dan. He can’t sleep at night so he’s always up with me. I’m working on my laptop. Typical for me

Power went out at 3 something and around 4 Sean called out, scared because the lights were off and he’s afraid of the dark, at 12 years old. He doesn’t just come out of his room because he’s afraid he’ll break his neck due to his bedroom being a mess. I toss him a flashlight and tell him to fend for himself.

Dog has had the shits since midnight, it’s raining and now I have to clean the damned carpet. Mike went straight back to sleep after calling the outage in to the power company and doesn’t have a clue. 4:30ish, dogs puking now. UGH

4:30 Seans wondering if he HAS to go to band practice and I tell him yes, he’s already up, go take a shower and get ready. He tells me he can’t because the lights are off. I hand him a candle and tell him to put it in the bathroom. Then I asked if he wanted to shower outside since it was raining.

4:45 the lights are back on now and Dan informs me that the dog has, again, shit on the carpet.

5 AM I climb into bed. Dishes are piled in the sink and I just don’t give a fat rats ass. I’m hurting, have a headache from being off my oxygen for 2 hours and I just… don’t… care.

I’m taking a nap!!


One thought on “ugh what a night!

  1. Ugh sissy sorry it’s been so rough đŸ˜¦ I hope you feel better soon. I woke up just before the 7:45 a.m. alarm and went and took a picture. bad thing is, it’s going to be snowing all day and night here and we might get 8 inches of snow down here to the south of Denver in my area. You shouldn’t be to bad up there I hope. Love you *HUGS*


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