Yesterdays bullshit

Yesterday I took the boys to the doctor. Sean for his allergies and yearly physical, Dan for insomnia and his referral for testing. I told the dr that Sean and Mike were having issues and that I wanted a referral to talk to the behavioral therapist. She got the therapist to talk to us and when she heard, from Dan and Sean, that Mike gripes a lot, she said she’d have to report it to CPS and that Mike should leave the home for a while so “things don’t escalate”.


I go in to inquire about therapy so my son and husband can get along better and she calls CPS?? Then tells us that breaking up our home WOULD BE GOOD?!?!? WTF???

When did this turn into a life threatening issue?? Isn’t CPS supposed to be called if there is a danger to the child?? For crying out loud, he’s not in DANGER, he’s a normal preteen that is having trouble handling turning into a teen and doing his damned chores. Sure Mike gripes but what parent DOESN’T??

Ugh this happens every time I ask for help. Fuck this, I’m not asking any more.

And people wonder why I hate asking for help.

Now Mike is depressed even more. He’s talking about things that I’m afraid might be him giving up. What a blow to a mans ego when the therapist says he should leave when all he’s been doing is his best to raise his sons with values and ethics. What is this world coming to when a parent can’t admit they aren’t perfect and ask for help?

I’m beginning to wonder if my husband isn’t thinking we’d be better off without him.


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