CPS *sighs*

Well, they were just here. CPS knocked and I answered. She introduced herself and I immediately stated that she was not wanted in our home. When she asked why, I told her there was no reason for her to be here, there is no abuse going on and that if she had to bring a warrant and an officer when she returned, they would be more than welcome in the home. Till then, no. I wished her a good day and shut the door.

For crying out loud, don’t they have anything to do other than harass a family that asked for counciling? I’m sure theres a child being beaten somewhere in the city that could be saved if they weren’t here bothering us.


One thought on “CPS *sighs*

  1. But don’t’cha know, those wankers from Child Abductive Services like the easy cases! That way, they can just get in there, find whatever miserable excuse for “evidence” they need to decide that “OMG childrunzz in DANGER!!!!1!!!one!!!”, steal the kids, pawn ’em off on foster care someplace, and tick off one more child “saved” on their reports. Gotta keep those metrics up, ya know! The more kids we “save,” the bigger our end-of-year raises and bonuses!

    Besides, if they actually tried to help a child that was actually being beaten someplace, some gummint bozo might get hurt or something! No, we can’t have that! Union grievance! Call my lawyer!


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