Another day

Yesterday we went to the nutritionist for Sean. She didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. He’s in the top 95% in weight and height so his body is proportionate. He was told to get out and exercise more and get off the computer more. Adding more fruits and veggies to his diet (hah like THAT’S going to happen) He HATES veggies so we are going to have more V8 and stuff for him to drink.

Hopefully he’ll start doing more exercising at least. He wants to start working out with Mike but we’ll see. Mikes been slacking on that as well. I think we’ve all gotten lazy in the past winter months. The boys all seem to want nothing to do with the outdoors anymore which is sad. Up till I got sick, I was outside from sun up till sundown or longer. There were many nights when I’d be so busy doing things that I’d see the sun coming up before I knew it.

Ah, the days when ones body could handle being awake longer than 8 hours. I lament the years of old when I wasted days doing nothing. Now that’s all I seem to be ABLE to do. What I wouldn’t give for the energy to go for a walk and a body that LET me walk without pain. I wish I could get through to my boys the joy that comes from DOING and not just BEING.


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