May Day, a wedding 10 years ago today

Today is May Day, the first of May, a day for protesting and celebrations. Firstly, it’s my wedding anniversary. 10 years to the same man. I thank my Goddess every day for Mike. He’s definitely been the rock on which I’ve been able to rest on. He’s stood by me through thick and thin, even with his faults, he’s still my Main Man! This is also the anniversary of the Curse :P.

We had been planning an outdoor wedding for months. We had booked the crescent moon gazebo overlooking the lake, the Rocky mountains in the background. It was BEAUTIFUL for weeks beforehand, weatherwise. The Saturday before, we went to the gazebo and did a minor walk through, just the two of us. We talked about the future and the ceremony in particular, visualising where the Corners would stand to do the calling and thanking. We had everything planned.

That same morning, I was supposed to get to my aunt’s house for a fitting of the gown she was making for me. She never answered the door or phone so we decided to come back the next day. Same thing happened the next day. In my gut, I knew there was something wrong. When I called her work the next day, she wasn’t there nor had she called in sick. My aunt NEVER missed work. I called the police to do a well person check on her. They found her, dead from natural causes. I will never forget calling my mother and telling her. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

Tuesday we were allowed to go in and get the materials for the dress. She hadn’t even gotten it started so I called a friend and begged her to sew it for me. She agreed and on Wednesday, the day of the wedding, I took the material over to Boulder for a quick make of the dress. It went well and I left there to get the food from the store. On the way back to Denver, the sky was turning ominous and spattering of rain were dropping on the windshield.

I spent the next few hours, blowing up balloons and watching the clouds getting darker and the weather growing more and more horrible with each passing minute. We decided to call the 90 some people who were supposed to be there and tell them we were changing plans, the wedding was to be at our one bedroom condo. I left Mike to call everyone and went across town to get my mother and niece.

By the time we were supposed to be getting married, the rain had turned to sleet and hail, there was thunder and lightning ripping through the sky and I was sitting in our bedroom, sobbing. MY dress was late, my aunt was supposed to be there and nothing was going right. I started questioning EVERYTHING. My sweet mother was trying to console me to no avail. I even talked about cancelling the ceremony. I just KNEW the weather was telling me not to do it.

My best friend came in and hugged me, telling everyone to get out for a few minutes. He held me tight and we prayed to the Goddess, asking Her for guidance and peace. My aunt’s voice came to my ears and said “Girl, if you don’t marry him today, you will never find happiness again. I’ll make sure of it” I laughed then, my friend pulling away from me looking puzzled. When I told him what happened, he laughed and said “Well, that’s that then, huh?”

Ten minutes later my dress arrived and my mother came in, handed me a box with a silver dolphin pin and told me that Kathy, my aunt, would want me to wear it. It was the same pin that, three weeks earlier, I had said I loved most out of all her jewelry. I knew, without a doubt, that my aunt was there in spirit.

The Four corners were invoked, the circle drawn and we gathered before the Priest and Priestess. The vows we wrote were said (with Mike saying infidelity instead of with fidelity 😛 and the Priest tripping over his belt and falling!) the broom jumped and the mead drank. I don’t remember much after the cake was cut because my little brother kept refilling my cup of mead. I ended up drinking the whole bottle! Little brat was paying me back for coming to his Marine graduation 2 years before, VERY pregnant and hitting on his CO. Or possibly for having a quicky with his best man before we went to the football game…

Anyway, it’s been 10 years and, though we’ve had rough spots, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Our love today is as ripe and warm as it was that stormy day ten years ago. I guess the Goddess was just adding the power of her natural self to the ceremony because 3 months later we discovered we were pregnant. Now, I know this doesn’t sound amazing to some of you but let me add the reasoning for this thinking.

Mike and I had dated for three years and never used protection. He was told at a young age that he was sterile. A month before our wedding, we met with the Priest and Priestess and made some adjustments to the vows, removing a specific line in the premade vows they had us look at. This line was a blessing of future children in the marriage. We took this out because we weren’t planning on having any children because of his infertility. When the line came up in the vows, we said them anyway, thinking it didn’t really matter since there WAS already a child in our marriage. Mine from before I met him. The added blessing, combined with the pagan day of fertility and the ultra powerful energies during the invocation and ceremony made for a super natural beginning to our married life and we were doomed to be blessed with at least one child because of the combined energies and blessing. Goes to show you MUST be careful what you say when invoking the Goddess! She has a wicked sense of humor!


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