Already used too many spoons

It’s 2 am and my mother, niece and her baby left an hour ago with baby daddy. It took 4 HOURS to get a cab! While I was calling every half hour to find out where the damned cab was, I scrubbed the cabinets, wiped out the microwave, washed down the stove, sink, fridge doors and cleaned the toaster out. On my feet four hours straight. Cab finally gets here and I’m in so much pain now that even moving the mouse is horrible. I took the dog out to pee two hours ago and Danyl had to take the leash because my hands started feeling like they were being stabbed. I’ve taken my meds, pain pill and sleeping pill but I doubt I’ll sleep because of the pain. Hands, hips, arms legs UGH I hate fibro!!!!!!

Good thing about today is I FINALLY got to hold my great-nephew for the first time! OMG he is so adorable. I’m biased though, I think ALL babies are adorable lol.

Now I’m going to watch a movie and try to relax. Maybe take my mind off the pain for a while.


One thought on “Already used too many spoons

  1. Ugh that’s aweful sis. About the cab that’s even more ugh. Well I and bro got off around 9 p.m. if you hadn’t noticed. I was wiped so went and laid down for a little while until I took my midnight meds. I hope you get to feeling better. I’ve got a cool dream to tell you about lol! It’s so funny :). Love you :). *HUGS*


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