Already irritated

So, last night I was in the process of going to bed and reached over for a last swig of soda before sleepyland. My hands have been kind of weak all day and when I went to put the cup back on the table, my hand decided it was a great time to lose all semblance of sanity and let go of the cup.

Ordinarily, this isn’t a problem but, because my bedside table was full, I’d placed my keyboard on the floor beside the bed.

You guessed it, soda all over my keyboard.

I looked at my hand and said “really?… REALLY??!!”

Cleaned up the keyboard, wiped it down and set it, sans batteries, on it’s edge and went to bed.

Then I realised I forgot to clean up the carpet.

Out of bed, into the kitchen for paper towels. My son, Dan, is on the computer as usual and Igrumble as I walk past. I’m so urked that I don’t even tell him to go to bed.

I have to move the moniter off the table, move the table and get on my knees with the paper towels. Pat don’t scrub. As I’m patting, not scrubbing, my LARGE bottle of lotion falls onto my head.


It’s freaking 3 AM and I’m so irritated now that I KNOW I’m not going to sleep.

I finish the clean up, including the lotion that’s squirted ONTO THE KEYBOARD, and toss the paper towels into my trash can by the bed.Put everything backk where it’s supposed to go and fall into bed.


Slept till 11:30 this morning. Wake up to a hand made card from Sean. It brought a smile to my face. Get up and announce to my husband that I MAY need a new keyboard. Thankfully I don’t, the keys are just a little cranky this morning. I suppose I would be too if I’d had a syrup bath and had to spend all night standing on edge.

I get back in bed after putting the batteries back in the keyboard. Then, hubby brings me breakfast in bed 🙂

He notices the ants, crawling all over my trash can. Reminds me of a saying

“An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox.”

me: *sigh* I’ll get the trash taken out.

hubby: no, I’ll get it, you eat your breakfast

me: ok

Now I have ants in my room and Mike has to call the exterminator because I’m allergic to bug sprays. Thankfully the apartment complex pays for that.

ok, I’m done ranting. I need a pain pill and a hug. Think I’ll call my eldest son and wish my daughter in law a happy mothers day.


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