My take on the new law in Denver

Normally I stay away from politics like it’s got the plague but this newest fiasco  that Denver passed this week just pisses me off to no end. They have basically made it a crime to be homeless.

“There will be a very high threshold before we write a ticket. What we will try to do is find assistance for homeless people in the form of resources before we write a ticket,” Jackson said. “Before we would even be able to write a ticket, we would have to have a supervisor on seen with that an officer.”
Jackson says for that to happen it would most likely have to be for some other violation in addition to camping or sleeping outside.

So why did they have to pass a LAW to give these people resources? Why not just give them the resources and leave this law off the books?

The ONLY reason to make laws is to make something illegal. To make sleeping on the streets illegal, you have to make a law. Unfortunately the only people going to be hurt by this law is the homeless because they are the only ones consistently sleeping on the streets.

Lets get to the REAL reason for this law. OCCUPY.

Now, people can say that it’s not an assault on the Occupy movement. People have slept on the streets for YEARS. I know they were 20 years ago because I was one of them. Why pass this law now? Because some prissy asses are offended by the homeless? No, it’s because the deal with Occupy is that they are SLEEPING IN THE PARKS AND STREETS! This is a back door attack on the Occupy movement because if the government directly said it was because of the movement, they could be sued for amendment violations. Why else would they do this now and not 20 years ago or even ten?

The city of Denver should be ashamed of themselves. The only people going to be hurt by this law are those that are already at the bottom.

Way to kick them while they are down.




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