When Families Collide

My sister-in-law has taken an interest in my family. Most of the time this wouldn’t be a big deal but, this time it is. She is a public school advocate. She thinks ALL children MUST be  public schooled or they will grow up to be psychopaths or something.

Last night was the first time in 9 years that I’ve spoken to her. She’s never cared about us until she found out that I’m homeschooling. She made the same comment that ALL busy body nonhomeschoolers do. “he MUST be socialized” like it’s something that will kill him if it doesn’t happen. God forbid my son miss out on being bullied, thrown into garbage cans and ostracized because he’s different. Heaven help us if he never gets pushed down on the playground and beaten up!

UGH no thanks!

Dan is a very smart, kind boy that has been through the gamut since kindergarten. He’s been teased because he loves his long hair and refuses to cut it. He’s been beaten up because he’s opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind. He was thrown in the trash can in first grade because he went to the boys bathroom and the older guys (5th graders!)thought he was a girl.

These are the types of people this woman wants me to force my child to go to school with. This abuse happens DAILY and no one does anything about it. WHY would I subject him to those abuses when I can teach him (and have for two years now)  myself and have him socialize with people who love and respect him? Why should I thrust my free-spirited son into a mold and make him conform to the “normal rules”? Who’s business is it what I do with my children’s education? They can read and write, equate and summarize. They know the sounds of Bach versus Beethoven and Michael Jackson versus Latoya Jackson.

I REALLY hate that my sister-in-law has decided that, after 9 years, she wants something to do with us. Especially since she thinks the only reason we home school is because Dan is “afraid of the bus”

Why do idiots always have to think they know our children better than we do?


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