Crunchy Mamas (TMI post)

I used cloth on my first child but when the last came, I was so sick that I could barely walk and DH was NOT going to “rinse and swish” diapers all day (lol his wording) I hated disposable until THE BIG STINK. You know, THE diaper. That one you need a gas mask to change. My poor hubby got to change that one and took it STRAIGHT to the dumpster. It was a cloth diaper and my DH wasn’t EVEN going to clean it! He went into the closet and put the disposable ones on him (thankfully because the next three were just as bad!)

I have the deepest respect for Crunchy Mamas. I strive for Earth Friendliness in our home but, with my illness, it’s impossible to be as crunchy as I’d like. There IS a thing I CAN’T live without. Mama diapers (sanitary pads)

When I was younger, I used and loved it! Nowdays I bleed so heavily that I’ve actually been taken to the ER after passing out one morning in the bathroom and my hubby finding me in a pool of blood. The paramedic estimated I’d lost half a pint of blood in the five minutes it took them to get to me! That was WITH an overnight pad!!

The reason for this post is this. We hippy wannabees try everything we can to be as Crunchy as possible but  there are circumstances that call for a little leeway. Don’t judge someone who is TRYING. Encourage them to continue trying and give tips to those that are new to Crunchiness. We’re all doing what we can to help our Mother Earth!


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