Stop blaming teachers for poor scores

Too many kids nowdays are being left to their own devices after school. I know of many children in my neighborhood that are latchkey kids. They get off school and noone is home for them, caregivers are out working two and three jobs, parents are divorced, people are homeless and struggling to put food on the tables. Some are single parents working two jobs, coming home late and falling, exhausted, into bed @ 2-3 AM only to get up @ 5 to go back to work. There is “no time” for the kids at home. We are, as a country, doing a disservice to those that spend the majority of the childs awake time with them. Teachers can only do so much. They aren’t Gods.

We as a nation are to blame for all this, not the teachers. We are such a money hungry, greedy bunch that we place our checkbooks above our own flesh and blood. SHAME ON US! We’d rather drive an expensive car and live in fancy houses than make sure our kids are cared for properly. We need, as a nation, to stand up to the “powers that be” and get them to understand that a billion dollar project to test teachers is a moot point when a billion dollars into food/shelter support is so desperately needed.

A child can’t think with a malnourished mind. They can’t concentrate when they don’t know where their next meal is coming from or where they are going to sleep that night. Some children go home and get beaten by abusive parents/caregivers/neighborhood gangsters or have to fend for themselves for dinner. Some live in impoverished areas and are more worried about getting shot than failing a math test the next day. Some of them have to work, usually for a pittance and “off the books” just to get money for food. We need to help these kids and stop blaming the teachers.


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