Saturday festivities!

Saturday I was blessed with a relatively painless morning as I was awakened by my hubby at 7 am. It was to be a wonderful day! As I showered, I thought of my older brother who would be walking across the stage to get his college diploma, wearing silver honors cords.

Most people wouldn’t think too much of this but, given the fact that he’s done this against insurmountable odds, I was immensely impressed. In the last two years, he’s dealt with being hospitalized, being ill for an extended period, his ex leaving and in the last week of finals, homelessness. To still graduate at the age of 46 is impressive. With a 4.0 and perfect attendance was unthinkable. I cried as he walked across the stage. I’m so proud of him!!!


We took the bus home then had to walk a mile in the frigid rain. I was in tears from the pain by the time we got home but I did it. I went and DID things! For me, THAT was impressive.


Today, I’m hurting so bad that I already took a Dilaudid but, it was SO worth it!!!



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