Well, I’m starting to get over Saturday’s activities and what happens? Mike has nightmares. These are so bad that he flails about, hitting and kicking me while I try to sleep beside him. He got up around 5ish and I was FINALLY able to get to sleep. He’s going through some really hard times right now. Well, WE are, financially.

Three months ago, Mike took out a loan from one of those “payday loans” places and has been making monthly payments to them. Monday he gets a call from someone that stated they are from the company, demanding the money or they would send it to legal. So Mike, in his infinite wisdom, gave them his credit card info for 150. Yesterday, the payday place took out their 95 dollar payment. Mike immediately called them and they informed him that they DON’T call people like that. He’d been scammed. Now the CIA, Homeland Security¬† and the bank are all involved.


Why do people do this? Take advantage of people like that? Do they have no conscious? Did their mamas not teach them that it’s not nice to fuck with people like this? If our rent check doesn’t get cashed, we’re homeless. Do they not care what they are doing to other people? What kind of person does this type of thing??? I just cannot wrap my head around these people. They are so foreign to my thinking that I doubt I’ll EVER understand.



Oh and thanks, if anyone like that is reading this. You have manage to fuck up another day in an already miserable life. How does it feel to know that you’ve given a good man nightmares and effectively taken food out of a child’s mouth on a daily basis? Does it get you off?? Do you go home at night and hug your kids lovingly, feed them McDonalds and send them to bed without thinking once about those you’ve hurt? Asshole!


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