My wonderfully weird boys

Ok, it’s almost 6 AM and my silly boys have been up, doing online karaoke since midnight. I TRIED watching Avatar but saw it was going to go past 3 AM so I decided to see if I could fall asleep. No dice. Anyway, they are on two different computers, in the same room, singing at the top of their lungs “Highway to Hell” and “Tik Tok”  among other assorted venues. Does that count toward their curriculum for today? I think so. 😛 I do so love it when my babies are doing their school work! Gotta get in that music study somehow.

This goes along with my unschooling theory. Let them learn at their own pace, whatever they want to learn. Since starting this unschooling, I’ve discovered a more peaceful life. The kids are asleep when Mike is awake so they don’t argue as much. The kids do their chores, more or less, when I ask them to. I’m able to spend more time with them because I’m not in as much pain at night, I have insomnia anyway so I’m up and functional. I like cooking with them at night because the house is cooler and if we bake, we don’t die from the heat.

Some people think I’m crazy for letting them stay up all night but, I figure, as long as they get 8 hours of sleep, who cares WHEN they get it??  I know, Circadian rhythm and all that rot but I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember and I functioned very well before getting sick. My boys do good with sleeping during the day and, since they aren’t going to prison… I mean public school, they don’t NEED to be forced to go to bed if they aren’t tired. I just wish they didn’t have to have ALL the freaking lights on all night!!


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