I hate when I’m like this but, all is not lost

Yeah, I know, I’m whining a lot this week but, damn it, I’m hurting. Fourth day of pain and overwhelming fatigue. Now, adding a migraine.

Lets see if I can do a post without whining too much.

I went to the living room today and watched a lil television with the boys (Mike and Sean) for an hour then took a nap. I then watched Dan play some Modern Warfare on Xbox. I got really dizzy and nauseous while watching him so, I came back to bed. I wonder why I always get sick watching him play that?

My sister came and brought Sean some books that he’s loving. He went out to wait for them when I told him they were bringing him more books. He loves to read, thank God! He’s going to have to remember to keep them put up.

Velcro was acting a bit odd today. At one point, when I woke up, he wouldn’t move from my side. I tried to get him to move so I could get up and he wasn’t having it. I’d move him and, as I was trying to move myself, he’d attach himself to me again. It might have had something to do with the brownout and minor storm we had. Or he was sensing my balance was off. I almost fell again when I finally got out of bed! I really need to work on his training some more soon, he’s not listening like he’s supposed to. Got to start his training on retrieval as well. He’s doing better with “leave it” and “bring” so that’s a good start.


I’ve taken some free medical classes for a while, keeping up to date on new research and breakthroughs on Fibro, Adult ADD, Autism spectrum (Aspergers) and other ailments that are in my family. I might as well, since I can’t do much else, huh? Anyway, I’ve discovered that I know more than I thought I did because I’ve aced all but one test and that was on medical records keeping pertaining to CDC initial reporting. It was a tad confusing. The best scores I’ve had were on my emergency medical re-certifications. It’s been 15 years since my EMT training and I still remember! Just wish I could remember where I put the Ipod …


Ok, that’s enough for now, my eyes are watering so it’s time to turn off the computer and try to sleep. Sweet dreams to my just going to bed friends, good morning to those just waking up, I hope your day is painless and sunny.



One thought on “I hate when I’m like this but, all is not lost

  1. I get dizzy when I watch modern warfare, but not when I play it. I swear it has something to do with the camera angles in the game. It kind of looks like a fishbowl.
    I hate fibro, the pain is awful
    Hugs x

    p.s I’m sure I followed you before, I don’t understand why wordpress said I wasn’t following you!


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