Some days…..

My older brother is staying with us for a little while. He’s been  living in his office, basically homeless since the first of last month. His office is in an old warehouse, it has no air conditioning and it’s been over 100 degrees every day this week. I couldn’t let him be there, suffering, like that with his health concerns. My sons don’t like him but they put up with him because he’s family.They are such good kids.


Today I finally fell asleep around sunrise and am back up at 6:30. GOD I hate insomnia! I can’t concentrate, my fibro is flaring up again and I’m SO tired. It’s going to be another one of THOSE days.

There are horrible fires all around my house, one is 18K acres, 5% contained and you can see the smoke for hundreds of miles. It’s playing hell with my breathing and I’ve had to up my oxygen and use the inhaler the past two days. SERIOUSLY wishing I was back in NC now!


I’m going to try to sleep some more.


One thought on “Some days…..

  1. Man sis. I wish there was something I can do. That’s why I’ve had no doors and windows open because of that smoke. Thankfully the fire near FT Collins is now 75% contained, but the other problem is the one now down in Colorado Springs. There’s a smaller fire around Boulder right now, we definitely need RAIN. We have more coming today so lets hope the rain will help more.


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