Killer pleads guilty, points finger at victims daughter

A day after her killer plead guilty, the victims daughter was arrested for the crime and given a million dollar bond. Is she guilty or is he jealous because, after killing the woman’s mother, did he think she would marry him?

Why did he fight this so hard for three years, only to go for a plea bargain and plea guilty? If he were truly not guilty, why plea? If  he were guilty, why fight for three years and only point your finger AFTER plea bargaining? What changed after three years? Why now and not three years earlier? Why not drag her down with you immediately instead of waiting for years? This makes no sense to a person with intelligence.

Then again, stalking a woman that doesn’t return your sick and twisted form of love doesn’t make sense either. Nor does thinking the woman will marry you after you stab her mother to death. What kind of depraved person is this man?

This woman lost her best friend, her mother, in a night of horror that no one should ever be witness to and now this. Yalanda deserves to be left alone, not punished by the system and a psychopathic stalker aided by said same system.  Her teenage son and husband deserve to have her in their lives, not taken from them by a system that takes the word of an admitted killer. Guilty until proven innocent is NOT the way the laws read!


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