I have to wonder why, in this day and age, so many people of color feel the need to self segregate then complain about the racial differences and racism.  What do I tell my children when someone calls them  a racist just because they don’t have any black friends? It’s not because we are racist, it’s because all the blacks we know that have kids don’t want them playing with the white kids for some reason.

How are we whites supposed to teach our children not to be racist if the blacks teach theirs TO be racist and that they are supposed to get special treatment because white people, a hundred or so years ago thought it would be a good thing to own slaves? How long is the white man supposed to be held accountable for something they had nothing to do with?


I have a family member who I seldom see because of his views. He is a White Supremacist and VERY vocal about his dislike of other races. Truthfully, he makes me sick.  He is also a radio show host and has thousands of listeners every day. He has topics on his show about living off the grid, gun control and other subjects that ARE interesting but, when he gets on about other races, I have to turn the station. I can’t speak to him directly because I know we will end up fighting.  All my male cousins are like him and I wonder where in the world they learned their views.  My father is extremely racist yet none of my brothers are. I guess we are just smarter than them or at the least more open minded.


At Christmastime, my family met my nieces boyfriend for the first time. No one had told me the young man was colored and when he walked in, my youngest son said “wow, you’re DARK!” The young man laughed and took it in stride, much to my appreciation. My children had never heard the word nigger in my house, it’s not a word we say here. So, in the course of conversation that night, the boyfriend said the word and my youngest asked what it meant. He was shocked that the boys didn’t know since they are 9 and 12. He said he was very happy to know we weren’t racist here and that he had been afraid of our reaction to him. I hugged him and said “Love is colorblind and so are we. As long as you treat her with dignity, you are welcome here”

I wish I could say the same about the rest of the world.


One thought on “Racism

  1. What a beautiful sentiment! It almost brought me to tears. It is amazing how people can be so racist. Even in the black community, they are racist against those that aren’t “black enough”. Really? I am half white, half hispanic; but growing up in a ghetto area, there are always careful lines you have to walk. I wish that weren’t so. I remember dating a black guy and people thinking I was horrible. What would our children do? Who would they identify with? Please!! They would identify with other humans, for crying out loud! I didn’t end up marrying the guy, for other reasons, but even now I am surprised at how people will judge just because of another’s skin. It really is a shame. Thank you for sharing!


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