Doctors visit last week UGH!

Well, I’m scheduled for my EMG. I’ll be going in at 8:30 on the 2nd. Now I just have to get the MRI and x-rays done.

Something I didn’t talk/blog about last week has been really bothering me. When I went to see my Rheumatologist,the head nurse stated that she refused to see me unless I could get someone to watch the dog. Now, he’s small for a service dog but Velcro is awesome and a huge help to me. He’s well-trained and at first, the nurse asked to see his certification papers. There is no such thing! Then she, the woman at the desk, demanded I reschedule or get someone to come get the dog. When it was all said and done, I got to see her after my ride returned and I was able to give him to him.  When the doc came into the room to see me, she apologized for the problem. It seems that a while back someone brought in their Service Dog and it reeked. The animal was dirty and matted and, she says, it took most of two days for the smell to leave the office.

Now, I see two things wrong with this. First, she didn’t even come out to see my Velcro. How can she judge all Service Dogs by that one example? By law, she cannot turn away anyone with a service animal nor can they require you to show papers or try to say there is a license for said service animals since there aren’t any!. PERIOD.

Two, She doesn’t know why I have the dog and, how can someone who is dependant on their service animal get through a doctor’s appointment without that which they are dependant. It would be like telling someone on portable oxygen to leave the tank outside.

It really upset me to have to give my service animal to a “sitter” so badly that I ended up having a  panic attack in her office and she had to spend extra time calming me down.

I have called the ADA about this incident and asked what I should do about it. They said I could place a complaint but it may make my doctor not want to see me again. Which would place a hardship on me, having to find yet another Rheumatologist. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do except, maybe, have the ADA send them a not so nice note about the rights of service animals.


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