A week of UGH and SIGH

Monday Mike had his CT and they sent a CD home with him. I, being the ever nosey one, looked at it. What I saw scared the hell out of me! He has numerous dark spots on his lung. His doctor looked it over and wants to “wait 6 months”.


Wait six MONTHS?!?!?!?!

No way in hell are we waiting that long!! I called National Jewish and he has an appointment for Sept 28th.

Tuesday: I had to go in for a med check and while there, they drew blood for Huntington’s Disease. He’s trying to rule that out and we have to check my thyroid since I’m losing weight so fast. I reamed him out about wanting to wait 6 months and told him I called NJ. He was fine with it, thank heavens. Oh, lost 30 pounds since the end of May!

Wednesday: Tore through the house trying to find S’s shot record since he wants to go to public school this year. Couldn’t find it so had to call the dr for them.

Thursday: Enrolled S in 7th grade. Thought they would have a problem with no report card but they shrugged and said ok when I told them he didn’t have one due to being homeschooled.

Friday: Got MRI and EMG results back. They are “normal”. So why the hell can’t I feel my left foot??

Saturday: Right foot decided to “come to life” with a pain so bad that it took my breath away. Jezus! If that’s going to be the way it’s going to be, just cut it off! Started my mommy time this morning, cramps in the afternoon and my kids are headless now GRR. That’ll teach them not to knock!

Sunday: Headless children are avoiding mommy today. For some reason they are at their friends’ homes telling their friends’ dads that I’m a bear…. Peace and quiet, so foreign to me, wafts through the house till the headless children, heads reattached, come running back in yelling for food….

Well, it was nice while it lasted… Must THANK whoever reattached their heads appropriately…..


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