Family update

So, we’ve started therapy (actually restarted) and so far the therapist is really nice. The boys seem more relaxed around her than they did the male therapist and are already opening up to her. We really have to work on their following up on commitments. They committed to doing more around the house and, last week, did nothing. Same as always. I know it’s a phase but M handles it poorly.

S has started opening up to M more. I see him in the kitchen often now, talking with M. I do hope it’s actually talking with and not being lectured by. M is so smart and I know he tries hard to be a father to S but at times the whole stepparent thing gets to him. The “experts” tell us that there will always be a difference in the way he treats S, just because he’s the stepparent. M has always says he doesn’t treat them differently but even they have told him he does. D asked M last week if he hates S and it floored M. He honestly didn’t understand why he would ask a question like that.D listed the ways that M treats S differently and, as I sat there listening, Ms jaw dropped further and further. The therapist asked S how that made him feel and he said, at times he’s thought about suicide because of it. It tore my heart out to hear him say that but it’s good to have him finally admit something I already knew and had spoken with S about.

D has been struggling this past week. His insomnia is getting worse and he went three days without sleep. I am so incredibly blessed at times. My insomnia happens at night so I can be up with him on these times. We talk, play video games, he reads to me and we do math worksheets or color or any number of things. He is responsible enough to be up by himself occasionally nut I hate doing that. We still haven’t figured out what’s causing his insomnia but his doctor has spoken about wanting to do an MRI and bloodwork to rule out anything biological. We have a possible diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (Asperger Syndrome). The doctor finally diagnosed the Palilalia after seeing the video we made which showed D muttering  words to himself.

I swear, that video camera has been a time saver!

Mikes cancer scare was put to rest. He does NOT have lung cancer but does have a mild case of emphysema and a growth that’s more scar tissue. The doctor said it could be a piece of food that he accidentally inhaled, causing  scar tissue to form around it. She says it’s nothing to worry about. She also said for him to get off the inhalers because he doesn’t need to be taking them.


All in all, not an awful week. The weather has played hell with my fibro and, as I lay here typing, I can say one thing……


Fibro and menopause suck!


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