Why do they make me crazy??

My kids are driving me NUTS today! I don’t know why but Dan is exceptionally whiny, obnoxious and testy. Sean is home from school today and has been “hogging” the television/ Xbox all morning. Mike is away at the hospital and I don’t know when he’ll be back so I’m dealing with the boys, my fibro pain/fog/etc and the associated denseness that comes with my pain meds.

EVERY time I’m alone with them they do this. They know I’m in pain, they know my meds make me touchy and yet they chose this time to be annoying and obstinate. Dan just asked me why I always yell at them… well DUH! When I’m disrespected and taken unfair advantage of, what does he expect??!!


ugh, I’m in a serious  world of hurt right now….  I love my boys so much but they can be so damned frustrating at times!


I’m going back to sleep.


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