They grow up so fast!

Today I am taking my 13-year-old son to a college orientation. He’s been accepted to a local college for a 5 year, pre-college program for children of low-income or single parent households. With hubby and I on disability, it was easy for him to get in with his grades the first semester.

I’m laying here, supposed to get up in an hour, thinking about him and his future. He has an opportunity here that others only dream of. He skates through most of his classes and is a stupendous trumpet player. The world is his oyster and the pearl is glowing, ripe for the picking. I hope he begins to understands, soon, that he is being handed, for free, what others spend their lives wishing they could do.

I have  always allowed my sons a massive amount of freedom to read what they wanted, kept educational books in the house. Sean was reading anatomy books at the age of 5! My baby, the one I spent 16 years trying to deliver unto this world, is growing up so fast. Why can’t they spend more time as children?? Soon he’ll be walking out of my home forever and I only hope he’s ready and that this program helps him reach his full potential.


One thought on “They grow up so fast!

  1. Ain’t that the truth sissy. They r growing up way to fast. I guess in today’s society and world they have to at times. I hope he thinks long and hard on this cause after today his world grew and expanded.


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