Night one without Hubby

Yesterday evening, my hubby went to Arizona to surprise his mother for her 80th birthday.  He flew out, nervously, it being his first flight in thirty years. He will be gone till Monday afternoon. He called three hours after he got there to tell me mission accomplished, she was greatly surprised. I’m glad he went, his mother isn’t a spring chick and he said he thinks she might not make it another year.

That said, this is the first time we have been without daddy at home . Even overnight! He hasn’t been away from the boys since they were born and the first thing they said, when I asked them what they thought about being without him. They said “I like it, it’s quiet” I asked them what they meant, they said “he’s not griping for us to do chores and stuff” It was 10 before S got to bed, two hours late, chores undone even though they ended up making dinner last night because I could barely sit up straight without getting dizzy. They did very well considering they never did it before.

Today has been good, I took the dog out three times which is a record for me that he seemed to enjoy. D slept all day till 4:30 when hubby called. He talked to the boys for a few minutes  and told them he missed them. He sounds totally stressed, saying that he can’t wait to get home, he misses us more than he thought possible and can’t wait to get me back in his arms again.


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