Nights 2 and 3 without hubby

Second night went well, the boys were more helpful and did chores without being told, my dizziness was reduced so I was able to at least make dinner. Made it almost completely through before I had to lay down. Tonight I’m making Sean fend for himself so he’ll probably have a sandwich or an omelet again. I really should teach him how to make biscuits and gravy.   Mike called at 7:30, sounding exhausted. It’s his moms birthday and he’s with her. I’m missing him horribly right now 😦 Insomnia is bad.


Third night was interesting. The boys’ god dad came and took me to the Herbs & Arts store so I could perform a cleansing ritual. The apartment has been cold since we moved here and things keep getting lost or misplaced. I’ve been unable to sleep for more than three hours at a time for months. This week it was dozing for a few minutes at a time. Yesterday I decided to do the banishment and cleansing because of something that happened. The boys and I were sitting in the living room and a Corel bowl on the kitchen counter shattered! It had been sitting there for a few hours and there was no-one was near it.

So, we went to the shop and got the herbs I needed then went to Walmart where he got us a couple of pizzas, some nummies for the boys, milk and a bag of potatoes. I think I’ll make some potato soup for dinner tonight 🙂

Anyway, we ate dinner and I performed the cleansing and this morning I feel better, my dizziness has left and even the kids say it feels “lighter” in the house. D went to sleep at 11 this morning. I slept like a rock from 3 to 10 when S woke me up to make breakfast. I made Cream of Wheat and got the turkey out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge for Thursday. After D gets up tonight, I’ll vacuum the carpet and  mop the kitchen.

All in all,  I think it’s done the boys good for M to be away for a bit. S said this morning that he misses dad, something I never thought he would ever say since they fight constantly. I know they love each other, they just need to learn to show it.


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