Is this a virtual world or a really good trip?

Today I’m remembering something that happened to me when I was seeing a doctor that would give me IV treatments for my Fibro.

When I’d go in, I’d lay, face down most times, on a massage table. He would start the treatments on my back, then insert the IV. What happens next is hard to describe but I’ll try.

Imagine, if you will, A television screen that’s filled with nothing but static. Then the pictures come through, slightly. A bit clearer then you’re not where you were but somewhere else. My first time under, I was in my Second Life realm of Gor, thinking I was serving in a tavern. I even took orders for drinks! It FELT real. I smelled the cooking of meat and beer. I’d transformed into what my virtual character was. For an hour or three, I was under the influence of this stuff and it was a rude jolt to find myself back in the “real” world.

The treatments went on, every few weeks, for over a year. The last one was……. um…. interesting to say the least.

I went under, as usual but, this time I knew from the onset that things would be different.

Instead of getting the fuzziness, I was taken on a trip to the cellular level. I was an amoebae, surrounded by other amoebae, floating in nothingness. It was rather enjoyable till the head amoebae came in,  and told me to take a breath.

head amoebae: “ok hun, take a deep breath for me”

me: “um, I can’t”

head amoebae:”why not?”

me “I have no lungs”

head amoebae: “try for me, you’ll be surprised, just expand yur chest and breath”

me: “um, ok…”

I envision my entire amoebae body expanding and suddenly I’m breathing!

me: “wow, that was cool!!”

head amoebae, laughing: “I now, huh! now try it again and lets see where it goes”

I take several deep breaths and slowly come out of the medicines severe grip. I look at the nurse, rather sheepishly I imagine and say “you aren’t going to tell anyone about this, are you?” She laughs and shakes her head, helps me get dressed and lets me relax for a bit till I can “find my legs” This I find extremely funny and am still chuckling half an hour later when I leave the office.


Now, my ponderings are this: Are the episodes I had in the drugged state visions of a subset of virtuality, where the programs overlapped momentarily or was it just a really good trip? As an avid computer user, it makes me wonder.

Are we just computer avatars in a simulated world? Is death just our programmer hitting the delete button?


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