Felony Family Members

Something bugging the shit out of me today. The people that have to rent homes/apartments from people being told that people can’t stay with them for more than 2 weeks unless they are put on the lease then saying the people can’t be put on the lease because they are “undesirable”.

My brother is a felon. 20 years ago he did something very stupid and got a felony. Now, because of this felony, he can’t find a place to live. The apartment complexes refuse to allow him to live there. He isn’t able to buy a house because he can’t get a decent paying job due to his felony. He is illegally living in his office right now. I say illegally because they don’t allow people to live in their offices. He was given an eviction notice two days ago. No reason was given, only a date he has to be gone by.

I understand that people are worried about felons. There are so many that return to their ways shortly after being released but my brother has gone back to college, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He’s going for his Masters degree even, with a 3.96 grade average. He’s not out raping little girls, killing people, creating riots or stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He’s trying to MAKE something of himself and they can’t see anything but his felony record.

Does the general public REALLY expect someone to keep themselves crime free if they are slapped down at every attempt to better themselves? How are these people supposed to stay on the straight and narrow if they can’t even get a place to live?


2 thoughts on “Felony Family Members

  1. I can totally empathize with you and your brother’s situation. My son went into the military right out of high school. He also got married during his training period. They were stationed away from anyone and everyone they knew and then he was deployed to Iraq. By the time his tour was done and he returned to his duty station, the marriage was ending and he made a series of bad choices and got involved with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Then he went AWOL for several months. He turned himself in, went through court martial and served his time. When he got out he had a dishonorable discharge and, even though he rehabilitated, the only thing that matters to the government and powers that be is that he has the DD. All his good service discounted and wiped away by the actions taken by a youth who made too many adult choices before his brain was fully adult.

    Were it not for some people who became his adopted family, their faith in God, and willingness to see him as more than the sum of his mistakes, he would probably be homeless, unemployed, and heading back into a life of crime.

    I wish your brother luck and pray for an employer and landlord to see him as more than the sum of his mistakes and open the door to him.



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