Food and daily(ish) diary

So, Wednesday S had his concert. I had to pass because my pain level was through the roof even WITH two Dilaudid. He was disappionted and I feel horrible for being such a sucky mom. Fucking Fibro. I HATE it!  Yesterday D and I played a couple games of chess, he read Hop on Pop to me and we worked on a couple of find a word puzzles. Today we played Minecraft for a while till S got home from school and now they are playing together nicely. Makes me smile to hear their playing conversations.


Yesterday I had a small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast around 1 in the afternoon. I had a boiled egg sandwich at 10 PM, so I could take my meds. Today I woke up at almost two, took my meds and ate 1/2 cup of raisin bran. Dinner 1/2 small chicken and cheese burrito with a cup of coffee. My belly is bloated. I think I’m retaining water because it’s almost That Time again. Ugh. Might explaine the incregible amount of pain I’ve been in for the past two days.

My legs have been cramping so much today! I don’t know why but I’ve started my potassium again. I’m out of multi vitamines till the first of the month since Mike used my last 20 to buy his fucking cigarettes. Seriously getting tired of his nasty habit!

Yesterday, we got a wonderful donation of food from Lockheed Martin. 5 big boxes that were mostly things we’ll use. What we won’t eat, my mom will get as part of her holiday gifts from the family. She needs it with my niece , her baby and her boyfriend staying there with her.



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