Twas the day before…

My boys are 13 and 9. They still believe in Santa. Every year, though they know we are poor, there are still many presents under the tree and a stocking for each of them on Christmas morning. This year is different. Usually, there is nothing under the tree until Christmas eve when we place one gift for each of us under the tree. We open those gifts before bed. This year, there are already ten gifts under the tree!!

My youngest is going absolutely insane with the present piling up under there! Yesterday three more were added and another two will appear before today’s end. Tomorrow is Christmas eve and he is trying ever so hard to sleep so he can be asleep for the first Christmas delivery since he was three.

For 6 years he has had insomnia and every Christmas eve, somehow, he always misses Santas delivery. Last year he was in my room for less than 5 minutes and there were presents, suddenly, under the tree that hadn’t been there before! Ditto the year before.

When he was 5, we had arranged to have Santa deliver to grandmas house, next door, if he was awake. When the sun came up and there wasn’t any presents under the tree, he was devastated. After a somber breakfast, there was a knock on the door and grammy came in with an incredible story. When she saw D, she said “Santa came by last night and saw you awake. He knew I lived next door so he asked if I would keep them for you since you couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t turn down Santa!” They raced across the breezeway and brought the gifts over and opened them. Santa is so smart!!

So many people say it’s wrong to have my boys believe in Santa but, I look at it this way, with so much wrong with this world, why NOT let them believe? I want them to have SOME innocence and, besides, it keeps them from begging for specific toys like so many other spoiled snots do now days!


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