Clueless Christmas

My sister in law, for the first time in the 10 years Mike and I have been married, decided to get us presents for Christmas. What did she get me but two T-shirts with horrendous glitter all over them!

Firstly, why, after ten years, does she feel the need to give us presents? Second, the woman has NEVER said more than a handful of words to me in the entire time we’ve been related and third…. GLITTER? Really?????? Are we teenagers? My God, does she REALLY expect me to WEAR them or am I supposed to use them as reflective gear if I get lost in the mountains?? TOTALLY tasteless clothing, messy and gaudy. My youngest has already forbidden me to wear them on HIS couch.

She got Mike a pull-over sweater that looks like something out of the little boys department. First off, Mike does NOT wear pull-over ANYTHING nor does he wear sweaters. She also got him three other sweaters and two pairs of skinny leg jeans that are two sizes too small. His legs are anything BUT skinny! For someone who “knows” her brother, she’s clueless. Mike said he knows where he’s getting the money for my E-reader that I’m getting for my birthday in two weeks.

She was spot on for the kids. They got a Kinect for their Xbox. My youngest asked why we got such lame gifts and Mike said “We’re grown-ups. We get lame stuff”

Dan said he’s never becoming a grown-up.


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