Open letter to Wills mom

I hope today went well for you all. We don’t go back till Tuesday but my eldest is already nervous. Though we’re half a country away, we feel the pain of that day just as we flashed to Columbine, the year he was born.

I often wonder if the events of Columbine, somehow, reached into the womb and affected him because he has taken the news of your loss harder than I could imagine. Or, perhaps, it’s me who’s taking it harder. I know the loss of a child, personally and it never gets easier. Just know that there are people across the country holding their children a little tighter before they leave for school this year. I know, for myself, things are much different. I make an added effort, every day, to tell my son that I love him. No one will ever bring your child back nor will any words spoken ever make it all go away. Just know that I think of you every morning and you will ever be in my heart.


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