Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday and, as a woman who has finally hit the big 44, I think I deserve it, damn it. I deserve a big fat birthday wish, not for myself but for others.

My birthday wish this year is for everyone in my family, my hubby and kids, my wise and beautiful mom, loved dad, ornery and supportive brothers, beautiful adopted sister, awesome aunts, unknown uncles and crazy cousins all to have a year filled with peace, prosperity and abundance in whatever they need.

Specifically, for my hubby and sons, I wish excellent health, peace of mind and heart, understanding and patience with each other.

For my mom and dad, I wish a speedy divorce. After 30 years of separation, you deserve it!

For my brothers, I wish success in everything. Tim, on your newly regained freedom, may it be what you’d hoped, your integration back into society go smoothly and may you quickly find a job. Come see me, soon. You’ve a nephew you’ve never met that I think you’d adore! Sorry I sent your stuff to Texas.

James, you’ve made me so very proud in the past year! Soon you’ll be the first doctor in our family, congrats! As I write this, I’m wiping tears of joy for you. We may not always get along but I’m bursting with sisterly pride. Keep up the great work!

My adopted sis, for you I wish continued love with your fantastic sweetheart. He’s such an awesome man! I want to thank you because you’re the best thing to ever come into my life (other than my hubby and kids that is!) Thank you for being there for me. I think I’d have gone quite mad without you to keep me sane!

For my auntie Louise and auntie Jean, may love find you in the most abundant degree! You two have had such an immense impact on my life and I know I’m a better person because of you two. Oh and Jean, bring me more of those raspberry candy bars! My aunties in Texas, whom I’ve yet to meet: I wish you happiness and health this year.

For my handsome, hardworking uncles, may your year bring joy, massive profit and love to you

My insane cousins, what can I say? Mike, my wish is for your family to be healthy and happy as well as astounding success in your radio show. You’re smart and bring so much information and support to many every day. May you stay Occupied and well prepared.

Doug, Rog, Cheryl, Lynn and all you other goofballs, I wish you therapy. Well, some of you at least. Y’all craaaaazy!


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