From bad to Worse

Last night I made the decision to have Mike go to the ER after talking with his doctor on the phone. He was talking incoherently, oxygen saturation was at 77 and he couldn’t take a breath.

 The doctors asked him in the ER what day it was, he said Friday. When asked what the date was, he couldn’t answer. When asked who the president was, he was silent.   The doctor said they tried him  on a bipap but, after taking a chest xray, they decided to sedate him and put him on a ventilator. 

He has pneumonia. They are going to do a CT scan today because his left pupil is unresponsive and his right eye is protruding slightly.  He’s running a 102.5 fever and they now have him on a broad spectrum antibiotic. They have him listed as being in critical condition.


This has landed me in a quandary and I’m not sure what to tell the kids. They know he was sick but they don’t know that dad is on the ventilator. I don’t think they could grasp the implication of this information. What, if anything, should I tell them?


Baby bear knows dad is in the hospital and sleeping but I didn’t tell him that dad couldn’t breath on his own and is dependent on a machine right now. What do I tell them if he dies!?? What terrifies me is that he has a standing DNR. What if his heart stops? They cannot, legally, resuscitate him with that on the record. 


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