Diabetic Adventures week 2-3

The past two weeks have been very busy here. With dad in and out of the hospital, Dans nutrition class was postponed the second week then last week I had a stomach virus and woke up vomiting. Had to postpone the class again. This week we will be TRYING to get to the class on Thursday, wish us luck!

Dan has been enjoying the bear he got from the local JD association. He’s been talking to and cuddling with that darling thing every night and has set up his new backpack with things he takes with him when he goes out. He said he’s going to use it for everyday things like lunch when we are gone any length of time and his belt pack for drinks and his diabetes stuff.

He’s doing well taking the shots and is in the Honeymoon stage of the disease. The nurse said we need to keep him well and see how long we can keep it up. I’m hoping he’ll stay well, I don’t know if I can handle if he gets worse at the moment. I’m trying to get him to stop testing a billion times a day, he’s going through a container of strips a week!

Speaking of testing, we’ve been going through and looking at different meters and lancing devices. Right now we are using an Accu-check Nano meter. I like it because it’s small and easy for Dan to use. There are drawbacks though. I DON’T like the amount of blood you have to use. For such a small device, one should think it would require less blood. They really should come up with a device that’s kid sized and uses a kids size drop of blood. The lancing device uses drums that hold 7 needles in it. First of all, they are VERY hard to get refills for. We’ve been waiting for the pharmacies to get them in for three weeks now! They keep saying they are on back order. When you put the drum into the device, you HAVE to make sure not to advance the slider to the next day till your ready. I messed up the first one and tried to reset it by taking it out then replacing it, ruined the whole drum! We’re using my old stand by lancette device, the pokers are MUCH easier to come by.

Uncle Jim, Mikes brother, died a week ago and according to the autopsy, he died from heart disease. We’ve decided that the boys don’t have to see the body if they don’t want to. I know it creeped me out when I saw my first one. It’s kind of odd to me, they love zombie stuff but don’t want to see a dead body. Dan said it’s because the zombies “are only a game. Jim’s dead, I KNEW him. BIIIG difference!” The funeral will be a week from today.


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