Diabetic Adventures Week 4

One month ago, today, Dan was diagnosed. Finally, we’ve had a slow week, Dan is now fully into the Honeymoon stage. He’s not had his Humulin, only the 13 units of Levemir a day. Having to cut even that from 15 to 13 because he’s been having so many lows. I’m actually glad to not have to give him so many shots now. His poor legs are so bruised that it looks like he’s been beaten!

Didn’t get to the nutrition class AGAIN! This time it was Dan that was throwing up, all day. Poor little guy. I have to call on Monday to reschedule.

Every week Dan loses a couple of pounds. Unfortunately, he can’t afford to lose any more. He’s already below 5 percent body fat and complains constantly about being cold and tired. He’s back to having insomnia again, going on four days now.

I’m going to ask the doctor what it will take to get him in to the artificial pancreas trials. I’ve done the research and it looks like something we might be up to trying.


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