Diabetic adventures Month 2

Well, we’re now into the second month and things are going well. We were FINALLY able to get to the nutrition class and found out a LITTLE more than we already knew about nutrition. I do love being able to tell people that it’s NOT the sugar we have to watch, it’s the CARBS. I mean, a Tablespoon of sugar has 4.2 carbs but a single piece of white bread has 12.7. WHO eats JUST a single piece of bread? So, that sandwich we have for lunch has, at the start, over 24 grams of carbs. 

Now, that said, a single candy bar (lets say… a Snickers bar, regular size of 2 oz.) has 33 carbs! Holy cow!! For most children, this wouldn’t be a major issue but, with a diabetic child, the 33 grams is an ENTIRE MEAL. We’re having trouble with this, today in particular, because of Easter and the godaweful baskets my husband made up. One chocolate egg has 18 carbs. Dan wants three!

The hardest part of being a DM (Diabetes Mom) is saying no. No to the entire basketsfull of candy slid toward my child on holidays. I’ve told him he can have a couple of the eggs now and a couple after dinner. We’ll dole them out over the coming weeks. He’s ok with it, on the surface but I saw the look of sadness in his eyes when his older nondiabetic brother stuck his tongue at him. I took HIS basket too, just because he was teasing.


I’m trying really hard to teach my older son about compassion but things like this are perplexing to me. I can’t wrap my head around why they have to be so MEAN to each other. Is it a boy thing, a sibling thing, am I doing it wrong?? I dunno. I don’t remember fighting with my brothers that much!

We’ve FINALLY had a week without illness! Dans sugars have been a tad bit higher this week, I think it might be because I’ve lowered his insulin too much. We’re at 11 but I think going back to 12 would be better because his levels have been up to over 150 most mornings. They want them down around 100. Today, for the first time, he had a bad leak of insulin and I’m going to have to keep an eye on him because of it. Looked like about 3CC.  I’m not really sure why he leaked either, I left the needle in longer than they say you should and it leaked. Maybe I left it in too long? 


I was reading http://www.aacap.org/cs/root/facts_for_families/the_child_with_a_longterm_illness a few days ago that said there was a direct connection between childrens behavior issues and their chronic conditions. Well, DUH! Poor child has to endure shots, testing, chemo, more testing, pain or all sorts and some even the possibility of DYING. What person in their right minds would expect them to take all that without a little grumpiness or “acting out”??  Dan doesn’t seem to be having much of the acting out issue, thank heavens, but I wonder if he’s only stuffing and doing things, covertly, to “act out” Perhaps I’m just lucky and have a delightful child who adapts well to major crap. Like his mama…. Sometimes.


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