My Mothers day and Fibro Awareness day

Today has been good to me.

I was awakened by a poke on my butt and a whispered “Mommy… psst, mommy… wakey wakey” after a blissful nights rest, the first REAL sleep I’ve had in MONTHS. First thing I noticed was…. No pain! A smile plastered itself onto my face and stayed there all day.

Truthfully, today was the first time in a few months that I’ve really EATEN. First the four sausages and two texas toast style french toasts, cooked to perfection, then hubby made steak, REAL London Broil, on the grill, just the way I like it. He even cut it up into small enough pieces that I could gum into mush and not fear choking if I accidentally swallowed them whole (which has happened three times this month already!) I spent the day, being lovingly catered to. I left the bed when I wanted to, even gave Dan his shots, laying in my bed instead of his.

Blissful peace filled my home today. No fighting, no swearing, no raised voices and music filled the air. I spent almost all day in bed, reading, napping and just…. well, let’s put it this way, my family lovingly called me “your Highness, Your Majesty” and “the queen” all…. freaking…. day!!!


Have I said lately how much I love my men??


Anyway, enough gloating and bragging lol. On to bigger things. Today, as you all know from my picture, has been Fibromyalgia Awareness day as well and, for my part, I’ve been quite busy reading Awareness posts, blogs, talking to people on Skype about Fibromyalgia and sending emails about different studies ongoing about Fibro.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved in the research of this debilitating disease. Thank you for your tireless work to help us not only understand the whats but the whys as well. Thank you for caring enough to realize that it’s NOT all in our heads, that the pain really IS there and for having the courage to say “I want to help” We all appreciate your work!

To my long-suffering friends, those with this damned disease and those strong enough to care for us when we are unable to do for ourselves…. Thank you. Thank you for being strong, for struggling through this hell, day after day and never giving up. Thank you for loving yourselves enough to speak up, even if it’s to someone on the internet, to a cyber room full of fellow sufferers and caregivers about your pain, frustration or even to give support to a fellow sufferer. Without you all, I, personally, would have thrown in the towel years ago.

Most of all, I’d like to say thank you to everyone that will reach out in the future. Reaching out to help one another, even when you think you have nothing to give. Sometimes all we need is a waterproof shoulder and a warm, soft hug. Thank you for giving of yourselves.


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