Is My World Tilting?

I’m in bed.


Not because I WANT to be but because every time I get up, things tend to tilt…. like me, for instance.


It all started when I went for my sleep study on Tuesday. I slept fitfully, especially after they put the mask on me. When I woke up and sat up, I was disoriented. Went to shower and almost fell twice. The dizziness got worse and worse till I laid back down. The technician came in and asked if I was ok. I said no and described what was happening. The nurse came in and they decided to send me to the ER.

They couldn’t find anything except a possible previous bleed. Meaning that sometime in the past few months, I had a stroke. They sent me home with Valium and antivert which doesn’t seem to be helping.


I have an appointment on Tuesday and I’ll be talking to the doctor then about this crap. I can’t get out of bed without help and so I lay here, feeling sorry for myself.


One great thing that’s come of this… Dan is now giving himself the insulin shots!  Started that while I was in the ER on Thursday, may 30. This is a huge milestone for him and I couldn’t be prouder! My little guy is growing so fast!!


Sean took it upon himself to write a note TELLING us that he wouldn’t be home from school Thursday. He decided to have a sleep over with his buddies. Friday we were supposed to go to an ice cream social and I almost didn’t call and remind him. What’s a mom to do when her eldest is misbehaving so much? God, he’s only 13 and already doing things like this. *sigh* and I’m too sick to discipline him properly.


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