Extended Family Issues

OK, I’ve been asked by my hubby not to say anything about his family on Facebook. It seems that, no matter what I say, his sister jumps his ass. So, I’m banned from ANY contact with them on that social media. He didn’t ask me not to blog.

Monday, June 10th was hubby’s birthday and no one called him to wish him happy birthday nor did they even leave a note on Facebook. At 10:30 PM I posted that he had cried himself to sleep because he felt his family had abandoned him, that they didn’t even care enough to call. Her response “I tried to call but he didn’t pick up his cell” How could he when he went to bed at 2 in the freaking afternoon? She knows, as well, that he doesn’t get good reception in the house yet she refuses to call the home phone. Why you ask?

Because she might have to talk to me.

That’s right, I’m such a horrible person that she won’t even take the chance that I might answer the phone.

Now, I can understand if I’d been rude or disrespectful to my mother in law but the only thing I’ve EVER said to her is “hello, how are you mom? I”m fine, would you like to speak to Mike?” If calling my mother in law mom is disrespectful, tell me. I’m perplexed. Mike told me that she hates me because I didn’t offer her refreshments when she came over. Well damn, my family knows where the kitchen is and helps themselves. Sorry if you were put off by our laid back style.

My sister in law is a different story. I do remember SCREAMING at her once because she was saying how hateful and mean I was, that I called her mom all the time begging for money when I’ve NEVER called her, for ANYTHING, especially money. My SIL is the only one I have ever talked to past niceties. She and I can actually have civil conversations, when she’s not accusing me of doing things I’ve never done in my life.

The thing that really rankles my hide is this: The woman, my SIL, had absolutely nothing to do with us before she moved here. No Christmas cards, no phone calls, no visits when she was in town. Nothing. Now she’s all up in our business as my sons like to say. She talks bad about me to Mike all the time, dissing my way of unschooling Dan, tells Mike that my oldest needs to be in therapy. She’s said they both need IPs through the schools and that I can’t handle my own kids. All this and she never comes over, never visits with us, never has talked to Dan on the phone. Yet she knows everything.

I guess I’ll be glad when I don’t have to talk to either of them again. I’ve discussed with Mike getting a divorce because of their drama. He won’t move out of state and that’s the only way I can think of to get them off our butts. Especially mine. I wish I knew what to do. I’m floundering and can’t catch my breath!


4 thoughts on “Extended Family Issues

  1. unfortunately once you get off on the wrong foot with inlaws, peace and understanding seem remote dreams, desirable but unobtainable. Ask me how I know this and I will write you a book. Just take my word for it. I’ve seen you all but grovel before them and they are never satisfied. They are people who seem to thrive on drama, on how good they are compared to you, on how educated they are, on how savvy and with it they are. You want my personal opinion. Have nothing to do with them> Don’t even acknowledge they exist. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run.


    • Problem is, hubby. He won’t step back and just leave them alone. SIL has even told him he’s been taken out of the will and he STILL doesn’t get it. It pains me greatly to see him trying so hard, only to be kicked by them at every turn. Adding to THAT issue, my older brother won’t leave, saying he “can’t afford it”. He doesn’t seem to understand that I CAN’T deal with his shit in my house any more! Not to mention that the 6 months of stored food we had is GONE because we’ve been feeding him and the two voracious kids. Then, to top it off, he’s been yelling at my kids for nothing more than being noisy while he’s “working” ARGH!!


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