Depression sucks

My dear husband has taken to his bed and has been there since Monday, sleeping or crying. When he gets up, it’s to go to the bathroom and back. I MADE him eat last night but tonight he’s not eating. Since Monday, he’s had ten Otter Pops, a bowl of cereal and half a serving of beef tips and noodles. In the morning I’m calling the doctor.

Hubby has been battling depression for a couple of years but I’ve NEVER seen him this bad, for this long. He can hardly stand, I had to help him to the bathroom just now and it’s tearing me apart to see him like this. I don’t know what else to do except get him admitted and see if they can adjust his meds or something.

Last night he told me that if his family called, to tell them he’s dead. He says he’s not suicidal but, what am I supposed to think when he says that, when he tells me he feels empty and that life’s not worth living? What am I supposed to do?

The boys see him like this and have two different reactions. Older son had buried himself in Minecraft and doesn’t want to talk about it, younger son comes and asks me if dad’s going to die. He crawled into the bed with dad today and snuggled with him, crying, asking him to get up, to stop being sad.This is hurting all of us and the only thing I can think of is getting him admitted.

Earlier tonight, I talked to him and he agrees. He told me to call the doctor in the morning and see what they suggest. At least he’s amicable to it at the moment. I wonder if he’ll fight it when it comes time to DO it.


2 thoughts on “Depression sucks

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