Learning to Protest

As part of our unschooling of the children, we have become more involved in politics of all things. We discuss a lot of things, including Syria. Today, we are going to our first protest, as a family.

Last night Dan (10), Sean (13) and I stayed up, making signs. We discussed his fears about war and even just going to protest. He’s concerned about violence, both in Syria and here at the protest. I assured him that, if it started getting bad, that we’d leave as fast as we could. I just pray things don’t get out of hand.

I think this opportunity will be great for them to be able to see how we are supporting American interests, by protesting more wars. The boys say they don’t want any more children hurt. Dans sign says “Don’t bomb the kids!” Seans says “No more war, don’t bomb Syria” Mine says “no more wars, we want peace”

I believe this will give the kids the understanding that, here in America, we have the responsibility to protest if we believe something is wrong. This is most important! I cannot condone my children being sheep or afraid of the government!


Dan has been invited to be an ambassador to Canada next year! I think this will be a unique opportunity for him to learn and become more adventurous when he gets older. I think he really deserves this opportunity. He has such potential and has to learn not to let his diabetes get in the way.


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