SO totally agree!

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I TOTALLY agree with this posting! I’m homeschooling my sons and they are far more advanced than their B&M friends.


When my 13 year old came home from 7th grade B&M, in April of this year, he showed me his homework and threw it to the floor in disgust with the words “I learned this crap in 4th grade. WHY am I STILL being taught it?” I knew I had to do something. He asked to be homeschooled and I said yes.


This year my 10 year old son, homeschooled since 2nd grade, is learning French and about nanotechnology. By his choice. In NO B&M public school that I know of do they teach a foreign language before 5th grade. Next year he will be an ambassador to Canada!


While most kids are in school, my sons are out doing things, partaking in the education that will actually get them ready to be adults, not robots or mindless slaves to a broken system. Just this past Monday, we were at the capital, taking part in a protest. When we got home, we had a “round table” discussion where we each gave out thoughts about the different ways we could, as  a nation, help Syria instead of bombs. They each sent emails to our senators, giving those ideas to them. Friday, Mark Udall CALLED the boys to discuss their ideas. How many B&M students get THAT excitement these days?


Truthfully, I think most kids in America are being done a disservice because of public school. They graduate without the basic tools they desperately need. They lack the critical, creative and individual thinking we so desperately need in this country. The world is not about filling in bubbles.


Time to burst their bubbles!!!!


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